Swish LOCATOR Abutment (4.8mmD Platform x 3mmL Collar Height) - 1 / Per Box


Zest LOCATOR abutment compatible with SwishPlus and SwishTapered implants

ZEST LOCATOR® abutment. Includes 1 abutment. Requires a LOCATOR Driver (such as LDT or LDD) or the LOCATOR Core Tool for insertion. Intermixing GPS® and LOCATOR® abutments within the same case is not recommended due to some height differences between these abutments. For further information on the differences, please call our Technical Services team. Note: This abutment can only be used with SwishPlus™ and SwishTapered™ implants with a 4.8mm platform.

More Information
System SwishPlus
Product Type Locator
Length 4.8mmL
Implant Platform Gold / 4.8mmD
Collar Height 3mmL
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