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Implant Direct Legacy4™ Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack

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Implant Direct Legacy4™ Implant System

  • Implant Design

    • Color-coded internal hex with lead-in bevel

    • Built-in platform-shifting with exception of 5.7mmD implant

    • Quadruple-lead mini-threads at the coronal aspect for reduced crestal bone stress

    • Body is straight for the coronal 1/3rd then tapered with progressively-deeper buttress threads for bone expansion and increased initial stability

    • Three aggressive cutting grooves extend over the tapered portion of the implant body for self-tapping insertion

    • SBM™ surface option is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success

    • HA surface option is a high crystalline 40u Hydroxylapatite layer

  • Packaging

    • Includes: cover screw, 2mm extender, implant with fixture-mount that functions as a highly accurate transfer and titanium final, concave profile abutment2

    • Revolutionary two-piece fixture-mount provides the accuracy of an open tray transfer with the simplicity of closed tray as the color-coded titanium top detaches within impression

    • Fixture-mount top has a torque-safety feature to prevent accidental damage to the implant interface

    • The fixture-mount features a flat aligned to an implant hex flat for easy indexing during placement and

    • Once top is removed, fixture-mount functions as a final abutment a concave transgingival profile to shape soft tissue for improved aesthetics

    • 2mm extender, which is retained by cover screw for use as a healing collar in one-stage surgery, features a concave transgingival profile that matches the fixture-mount for consistent soft tissue management

    • Insertion with the fixture-mount is optional. You can choose to remove it for implant-level insertion with a hex driver.

  • Recommended Drivers

HT2.0SG, HT2.0LG, HD2.0SG drivers needed for the blue 3.0mmD platform (Implant diameter 3.2mmD). 

HT2.5SG, HT2.5LG, HD2.5SG drivers needed for the green 3.5mmD platform (Implant diameters 3.7mmD, 4.2mmD) and the purple 4.5mmD platform (Implant diameters 4.7mmD, 5.2mmD).

HT3.0SG, HT3.0LG, HD3.0SG drivers needed for the yellow 5.7mmD platform (Implant diameter 5.7mmD, 7.0mmD).

26mm length implants do not include extender for use as 2mm healing collar