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Implant Direct RePlant™ Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack

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Implant Direct RePlant™ Implant System

  • Implant Design

    • The thread design of the implant is a standard “V” thread pattern

    • Quadruple-lead mini-threads 1mm below the collar and extend approximately 2mm before transitioning into double-lead threads to the apex of the implant

    • The mini-threads, half the depth and pitch of the double-lead body threads, reduce stress in the critical crestal bone region, while double-lead threads reduce the number of turns required to seat the implant

    • Vertical cutting grooves extend halfway up the implant from the apex for self-tapping insertion

    • Implant platform is color-coded

    • SBM™ surface option is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success

  • Packaging

    • Includes: cover screw,  implant with fixture-mount that functions as a highly accurate transfer and a temporary abutment

    • The fixture-mount features a flat aligned to indicate trilobe for indexing

    • Once top is removed, fixture-mount functions as a temporary abutment

    • Insertion with the fixture-mount is optional. You can choose to remove it for implant-level insertion with a hex driver

  • Recommended Drivers

RTT3SG, RTT3LG, RTD3SG drivers needed for the purple 3.5mmD platform (Implant diameters 3.5mmD, 3.7mmD, 4.2mmD). 

RTT4SG, RTT4LG, RTD4SG drivers needed for the yellow 4.3mmD platform (Implant diameters 4.3mmD, 4.7mmD).

RTT5SG, RTT5LG, RTD5SG drivers needed for the blue 5.0mmD platform (Implant diameter 5.0mmD, 5.7mmD). 

RTT6SG, RTT6LG, RTD6SG drivers needed for the green 6.0mmD platform (Implant diameter 6.0mmD). 

More Information
System RePlant
Connection Trilobe
Thread Type V-Thread
Addtl Drivers Required RTT3SG, RTT3LG, RTD3SG: Purple 3.5mmD platform (3.5mmD, 3.7mmD, 4.2mmD). RTT4SG, RTT4LG, RTD4SG: Yellow 4.3mmD platform (4.3mmD, 4.7mmD). RTT5SG, RTT5LG, RTD5SG: Blue 5.0mmD platform (5.0mmD, 5.7mmD). RTT6SG, RTT6LG, RTD6SG: Green 6.0mmD platform (6.0mmD)
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