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Implant Direct simplyLegacy2™ Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack

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With cover screw and 3mm healing collar included, our mount-free implants allow you to streamline your surgical procedures while still having the necessary, compatible components readily accessible.

Implant Direct simplyLegacy2™ Implant System

  • Implant Design

    • Color-coded internal hex with lead-in bevel

    • Built-in platform-shifting with exception of 5.7mmD implant

    • Quadruple-lead mini-threads at the coronal aspect for reduced crestal bone stress

    • Body is straight for the coronal 1/3rd then tapered with progressively-deeper buttress threads for bone expansion and increased apical thread engagement

    • Three aggressive cutting grooves extend over the tapered portion of the implant body for self-tapping insertion

    • SBM™ surface is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success

  • Packaging

    • Includes cover screw, 3mm healing collar and implant

    • Mount-free for surgical efficiency

    • 3mm healing collar with concave transgingival profile to shape soft tissue for improved aesthetics

  •  Recommended Drivers

HT2.0SG, HT2.0LG, HD2.0SG drivers needed for the blue 3.0mmD platform (Implant diameter 3.2mmD). 

HT2.5SG, HT2.5LG, HD2.5SG drivers needed for the green 3.5mmD platform (Implant diameters 3.7mmD, 4.2mmD) and the purple 4.5mmD platform (Implant diameters 4.7mmD, 5.2mmD).

HT3.0SG, HT3.0LG, HD3.0SG drivers needed for the yellow 5.7mmD platform (Implant diameter 5.7mmD, 7.0mmD).

Have a restoration in mind? Add one of our treatment-specific SMART PACKS or any of our individual à la carte abutments

Please note: to ensure the implant is securely carried to site, the latest generation hex driver is required. These drivers features several enhancements including a metal retentive spring, tissue height measurement guides and more!

More Information
Connection Internal Hex
Thread Type Buttress
Addtl Drivers Required HT2.0SG, HT2.0LG, HD2.0SG drivers: Blue 3.0mmD platform (3.2mmD). HT2.5SG, HT2.5LG, HD2.5SG drivers: Green 3.5mmD platform (3.7mmD, 4.2mmD) & purple 4.5mmD platform (4.7mmD, 5.2mmD). HT3.0SG, HT3.0LG, HD3.0SG drivers: Yellow 5.7mmD platform 5.7mmD, 7.0mm