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Implant Direct ScrewPlant™ Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack


Implant Direct ScrewPlant® Implant System

  • Implant Design

    • Proprietary internal hex connection with external bevel
    • Evenly tapered implant body with double-lead “V” threads
    • Quadruple-lead mini-threads at the coronal aspect for reduced crestal bone stress
    • Two cutting grooves, extending halfway up implant for self-tapping insertion
    • SBM™ surface option is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success
    • HA surface option is a high crystalline 40u Hydroxylapatite layer
  • Packaging

    • Includes: cover screw, 2mm healing collar, plastic snap-on comfort cap, implant with fixture-mount that functions as transfer and final titanium abutment
    • The titanium fixture-mount features a flat aligned to an implant hex flat for easy indexing during placement
    • The fixture-mount functions as a closed-tray transfer and can be modified (by removing color-coded top) to also serve as a final abutment
    • The 2mm extender is uniquely designed to be retained by the cover screw for use as a healing collar for one stage surgery
    • Insertion with the fixture-mount is optional. You can choose to remove it for implant-level insertion with a hex driver. 
More Information
Connection Proprietary TL Internal Hex
Thread Type V-Thread
Addtl Drivers Required N/A
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